Technology to track trad

From the Irish Times: An Irish musician and software technologist has devised an iPhone app that tells you the name of any piece of live trad music – regardless of the player, writes Karlin Lillington

The €4.99 musical search engine app, available from the iTunes App Store, also produces historical detail about every song and has become a boon to professional traditional musicians creating sleeve notes for their CDs.

Bryan Duggan says Ciarán Tourish (of Altan) and flute player Hammy Hamilton have used the app to prepare for concerts and supply background on CD recordings.

Then, five years ago, he began a PhD that looked at the overlap between computer modelling and creativity. That turned into the basis of producing a music-recognition application, and he created a website,, to provide background information and a connection point for those interested in the area and his application.

But, as Duggan says, “People at sessions in pubs don’t have PCs with them – they have mobile phones.” Even five years ago, though, phones didn’t have the power to run something like Tunepal. Now, they do, so, last February, Tunepal launched for the iPhone. Duggan will have a version ready for Google’s Android phone operating system too in coming weeks. >>>


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