Téada @ Music on the Hill

Music on the hill 025

Delighted to have the chance to see Téada live, finally, and locally, at the first Music on the Hill, organised my Maryann Ryan in Kilteel on Saturday. I’d say it was the smallest stage Téada have been on in a while, but they managed to squeeze out a great show, and hung around and mingled a bit both before & afterwards in the Kilteel Inn and out back. They are off on another US tour (minus Paul Finn, pictured below in his solo set, who has just got married and who has the day job to attend to). And it’s no wonder they are so popular there and here as they clearly put in a lot of quality work on getting the balance right in their act – tune choices, arrangements, stage dynamics etc. And it goes without saying that they are superb musicians each and every one. I am glad I hadn’t yet purchased their new CD, Ceol & Cuimhne, as I was able to buy it direct off them afterwards … and get the autographs and have a chat!

Music on the hill 044

Music on the hill 007

A batch of other pics from the night (minus the morning, by which time I was in no shape to be taking photographs not to mention the shape the prospective subjects of the photographs were in) are here >>


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