Toner Quinn @ The Journal of Music re future for magazine

“This has been an exciting year for The Journal of Music, in winning the Utne Independent Press Award for Arts Coverage in April. I am now writing regarding our future plans.

For the past few months we have been working on a radical redevelopment of our website, which we intend launching this November. It will include the following:

  • free access to all our content;
  • articles issued on a rolling basis throughout the week;
  • enabling our community to engage with our content;
  • a new listings system with information on events, opportunities, publications and recordings;
  • the later release of smartphone and tablet computer applications that accommodate these features.

Our vision is to provide a rich reading experience, to create a pioneering new resource for the global music community, and to achieve the primary aim of the magazine: to publish music writing of the highest quality and bring it to the widest possible readership.

To that end, we have decided that we will no longer be producing a print edition of the magazine. The current issue, August–September, will be the last. We understand that this will initially suit some readers more than others, but we believe that in the long term this is the most effective model for the magazine.

I would like to thank our readers and writers for their support of the print edition over the years. We have greatly enjoyed the creative challenge of producing it every two months since November 2000, but we now feel we should apply our skills, ideas and resources to this new era. I look forward to bringing you more information on the new Journal of Music in due course.

Toner Quinn



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