Andy Irvine writing a song for MUI part in AARO

[A letter from the Musicians Union of Ireland (via Cormac Breatnach on Facebook)>>>]

To all Musicians,

In order to strengthen our position Musicians Union of Ireland have joined forces with actors, writers, directors, visual artists, composers, dancers and are glad to have been involved in the initiation of the recently formed AARO. This is the fist ever that all these practitioners have come together. AARO ( Association of Artists representatives organisations ) hope to draw attention to the situation of those who create all of the artistic endeavours in this country. AARO plan to hold their own lobby on Thursday September 16th in conjunction with The National Campaign for the Arts, yet as an independent voice of all practitioners at The Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport 23 Kildare Street, Dublin 2. From 1pm until 2pm.

The central demands are: The right to organise and negotiate minimum terms and conditions. The right to Social Protection. The right to share in the economic life of work we create. The right to hold positions on all relevant bodies. (Film Board, Arts Council, RTE Authority etc)

At the centre of the lobby will be a Flash Mob who with double sided placards in all the seven colours of the rainbow will do a routine that will go from colour to grey. The idea is for us to be colour coded with helium balloons. The seven colours of the rainbow. There will be live music from the MUI – all musicians welcome.

Andy Irvine is composing a song for the event.

We will perform Somewhere Over the Rainbow (the Israel “Iz” version) to tie in with Flash Mob colours of the rainbow routine. R

ehearsal in Liberty Hall 11am on Thurs 16th Sept before the event. All musicians welcome – vocalists and instrumentalists – to take part. We will have 10 to 12 placards that will be in black and white. Stating key facts and figures about each of our areas of the industry. These will be constant, so passers by will be able to read who we are and what we are about. We will hand in a letter to the Minister. We will organise a party in a close by venue where we can assemble afterwards. We need a positive imput from members and supporters to get behind this event. This event is open to anyone concerned about the arts.

Please spread the word and forward this notice.

Regards MUI Executive

Musicians Union of Ireland

See also SIPTU press release >>>


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