Review of Andy Irvine’s new CD, Abocurragh

Siobhan Long in Irish Times reviews Andy Irvine’s new CD, Abocurragh (purchase here >>>): “Liam O’Flynn and Dónal Lunny weave richly arranged skeins of light through Irvine’s eclectic song choices, and Máirtín O’Connor adds the subtlest of patterns on box… Although the arrangements on The Close Shave shimmy and slide on the back of Irvine, Lunny and O’Connor’s lithe playing, lyrically it lurches through a tale predictable in its denouement and plodding in its wordsmithery. Oslo is equally rich musically, with Annebjørg Lien’s hardanger fiddles conjuring a lost week in Norway, but it falters on the pedantic nature of its lyric.” (Times) >>>


One thought on “Review of Andy Irvine’s new CD, Abocurragh

  1. Toner Quinn of the Journal of Music commented on his Facebook wall: Three tracks in, a song about inequality, debt and banks written by George Papavgeris. The playing with rhythm, the hardanger fiddle, but particularly the words drew me in, something so relevant about them. In the notes I read it’s about immigrants in Australia in the 1800 and 1900s. Irvine: always with the long view, always making us think. (

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