Mick Kinsella & Josephine Marsh in Hollywood

Last night’s fun was meant to be Peter Browne & Michelle O’Brien & Eugene Quinn in Hollywood but unfortunately I couldn’t make it. But the previous night I had the great privilege of being at a seriously intimate concert given by Josephine Marsh & Mick Kinsella in the parlour of Tutty’s Bar in Hollywood, Co Wicklow, as part of the Music Under the Mountains festival organised by Eric Greaves & CJ Darby.

A last minute problem with venue meant Eric & CJ had to think laterally & Tutty’s came up trumps offering their old living room adjacent to the pub. Folding chairs & candles were the only thing required and what a beautiful setting it became for a very special performance. Mick’s Rick Epping-inspired use of the concertina to accompany his harmoica playing; Josephine’s own compositions; Mick’s Talking Harmoica exhibition piece; the good-humoured chat & intimacy with the audience; Josephine’s fiddle playing; Mick’s box of harmonicas for every occasion; the tribute to Lar; happy birthday to CJ; an encore involving a few tunes played on whistle by Josephine & a young fella in the audience – the whole thing was just amazing.

It was such a perfect combination of attentive audience, lovely setting & fabulous musicians that it gave rise to the idea of the Parlour Sessions to be held in Tutty’s living room once a month! Watch this space.

Steve Larkin leading session in Tutty's of Hollywood

Cormac Breatnach on low whistle in Tutty's of Hollywood


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