Forthcoming sessions in Athlone

Mick King ( announces the following sessions coming up in Athlone:

Wednesday 29th
10pm Trad session (all welcome)The Olive Bar, Ballymahon Road with Ellen Bean and crew (Trad For Trocaire)

Friday 1st
10 pm Trad Session Grogans Glasson Village (8km from athlone), with Cormac, Audrey and crew

Saturday 2nd
5pm Trad session Seans Bar, Athlone with,Ester, Ellen, Mick n gang (Trad for Trocaire)
10pm Trad n singing Session , Flannerys Bar, with Tony Martin n Crew (Athlones oldest, longest going session)

Sunday 3rd
4 or 5 pm Trad Session Seans with Ali, Tony n crew.
10pm Shines Bar, Baylough, with Tony n Crew.


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