Peter Horan, RIP

[From Wikipedia:] Peter Horan (born 1926,died 17th October 2010 Killavil,County Sligo) is an Irish flute and fiddle player who is known for having developed a unique style influenced by the local irish fiddlingtradition. For nearly 30 years performed as a duet with the famous fiddler Fred Finn. More recently he has performed with Sliabh Luachra fiddler Gerry Harrington and the pair released a CD called “Fortune Favors the Merry,” accompanied by Ollie Ross on the piano. He continues to perform and teach in Ireland and at Irish arts festivals around the world, including the Catskills Irish Arts Week and the Ennis Trad Festival. In 2002 he was given the Irish Music Awards Hall of Fame award. In 2009, St. Angela’s College Sligo and NUI Galway recognised and honoured Peter as one of South Sligo’s most talented and best known traditional musicians by awarding him an Honorary Master of Music. For “His authentic, natural style, which is firmly rooted in the Coleman tradition, stands out as a unique musical talent and resource within our region and our country.. . .” Peter Horan died on 17th of October 2010 in the North West Hospice, Sligo.



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