Christy Leahy & Caoimhín Vallely CD

The new album from Christy Leahy and Caoimhín Vallely, featuring music from Sliabh Luachra alongside pieces from further afield played on accordion and piano, is now avaiable on Claddagh Records.

Christy Leahy grew up in Carraig na bhFear Co.Cork in a musical household. He was taught by Bobby Gardiner and Noreen Kelleher before crafting his own distinctive style of accordion playing through years of playing for dances and in sessions. He also performs with the group North Cregg with whom he has recorded four albums and toured internationally.

Caoimhín Vallely hails from Armagh city and now resides in Cork. As a piano and fiddle player he has recorded and toured with Buille, Karan Casey, North Cregg and many others. His critically acclaimed solo album, “Strayaway”, showcases his unique approach to piano playing marking him a truly individual voice in Irish music today.

Track Listing:
1. Buain na Rainich & The Kerry Bar (Polkas)
2. Spellan The Fiddler & Back In The Garden (Hornpipe & Reel)
3. Johnny O’Leary’s Jig
4. The Crow In The Sun (Air)
5. Paddy Cronin’s & Going For Water (Slides)
6. James Morisson’s & The Bluebell Polka
7. Jenny On The Railroad (Reel)
8. Thadelo’s Barndances
9. A Hymn To St. Finbarr (Song)
10. Kerry Cow & Rakes of Mallow & Britches Full Of Stitches (Polkas)
11. Trip To The Cottage & The Cook In The Kitchen (Jigs)
12. The Boys of Ballycastle & Dunphy’s & Miss Galvin’s (Hornpipes)
13. La Bourrasque (Waltz)

Some (poor quality) footage of the launch at the Cornerstone in Cork earlier in the month:


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