TIR by Cerys Matthews

Having heard Cerys live earlier in the year “Beg, borrow or blag” was Steph’s advice over on I am Steph (http://www.iamsteph.com/reviews/2010/beg-borrow-or-blag-tir-by-cerys-matthews); or you could buy it, I guess (from here >>>).

The blurb: “With TIR, Cerys breathes new life into old standards and old gems. The whole package is a treasure trove of life in music and pictures. Taking a mixture of songs, some Victorian, some hymns, some obscure, some traditional and some huge great hulking classics of iconic stature like Bread of Heaven, Sosban Fach, Myfanwy and even the National anthem. Presented here as if freshly written, with voice and little else apart from a tender appreciation and a thirst for their historical significance, including a duet with Bryn Terfel on Migldi Magldi.

Packaged in a beautifully created limited edition book pack, featuring a 32 page booklet including pictures from Wales in the 1880s to 1940s showing people at work and play. Shopkeepers, farmers, horse-breakers, quarry men, mariners, tailors, organ players and songs from the same era. All lovingly collected by Cerys since childhood in a true labour of love. Also includes notes by Cerys Matthews, and Roy Saer of the Welsh folk society.”

I like the sound of it.


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