Album release pays homage to a music legend

[From the Sindo >>>]

Last Wednesday would have been Luke Kelly’s 70th birthday and to mark the occasion a definitive collection of his timeless recordings has been released.

Luke, if you returned this week to celebrate your 70th birthday, you would surely have greyed a little, but you’d still be sporting that familiar halo of curls, and when you’d break into songs of protest, you’d startle the heavens.

To voice our protest today, Luke, you wouldn’t have to write a new poem.

You said it all 40 years ago when you penned For What Died The Sons Of Roisin. How prophetic your lines . . . “Will German, French or Dutch inscribe the epitaph of Emmet, when we’ve sold enough of Ireland to be but strangers in it” . . . and . . . “Or the faceless men who for mark and dollar betray her to the highest bidder”.

Fair play to you Luke, you had the measure of failed politicians in the Sixties and their smokescreen banter hasn’t changed!

Happy birthday to you, Luke.


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