The Wild Bees’ Nest: A Concert of Unaccompanied Traditional Irish Song

Free concert at National Library of Ireland, 17 December 2010 at 1 pm

Admission is free and all are welcome

Featuring singers Luke Cheevers, Fergus Russell, Tim Lyons, Pat Burke, Anne Dunne, Niamh Parsons, Paddy Daly, Tony McGaley, Micheál Marrinan, Mick Fowler and Tim Quan.

‘The Wild Bees’ Nest’ is a research project involving a group of traditional singers from throughout Ireland. The project is co-ordinated by Michael Fortune and Aileen Lambert and is supported by The Arts Council of Ireland in conjunction with The Bealtaine Festival, The National Library of Ireland and the Irish Traditional Music Archive.

The eleven singers hail from Waterford, Cork, Tipperary, Galway and Dublin. Since October they have been researching material relating to a traditional song of their choice in the National Library and ITMA. They will share the history that informs the song, and perform the songs at the concert. Personal research diaries and video recordings of the singers will be featured on the website which will be launched at the concert.

This is part of an ongoing series of research based projects conducted by Michael and Aileen in conjunction with The Bealtaine Festival and The National Library. To view the 2009 project please visit


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