Raw Bar Collective

Raw Bar Collective is Conal Ó Gráda (flute), Dave Sheridan (fiddle), and Benny McCarthy (accordian). Their CD, Millhouse Measures, was “recorded as an intimate concert (check out YouTube for some video footage of the night) in a small rural pub, The Millhouse, Co. Waterford in front of friends and locals. Both the music and the listeners reaction to it were recorded and, as you will hear, listening to good traditional music is not a passive occupation. Each of the instruments was mic-ed up as well as mic’s to capture the mood in the room. The acoustics in The Millhouse are excellent and the final sound on the CD is completely natural with no EQ’s or Reverbs used in the mix. We are delighted with this as we feel it compliments our decision to record live. Most of the tunes here are not very common. All of them are tunes we love to play. Two beautiful sean-nós songs in Irish round out the recording.”


03/25/2011    Winnie Fennell Festival
Cappaquin, Co.Waterford    From: 8:00pm

03/26/2011    Carlow Veune TBC


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