Alyth McCormack & Triona Marshall new recording

Their years spent touring with The Chieftains and performing at festivals has culminated in Alyth McCormack & Triona Marshall bringing together the voice of the former with the harp playing of the latter in a recording. The CD is called Red & Gold and features the following tracks:

1. Crazyman Michael
2. Chicago Rain
3. Breisleach (Delirium)
4. The Sea is so Huge
5. An T-Iarla Diurach (The Earl of Jura)
6. One in a Million
7. The Mason’s Apron
8. Mar a tha (The Way It Is)
9. Uamh an Oirr (The Cave of Gold)
10. As Long As You Remember Me
11. The Saw Set (Mouth Music)

The CD is available to purchase on their website here (which is also new and suggests that this may not be a one-off) >>>


They are only just finished or finishing a US tour with the Chieftains, so there are no dates for the duo announced as yet.


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