Gerry Harrington – solo recording on the way

Last night’s fun was local and yet global. Local music-lover Pat Conlon organised a re-run of a 2009 concert featuring Peter Browne (uilleann pipes), Gerry Harrington (fiddle) and Phil Callery (voice & fiddle), and whether it was more my state of mind or their playing I am not sure, but I can tell you they ‘made it new’ entirely … as the best artists do. It was ‘electric’ and not for a minute deja vu. The solo airs (especially Gerry’s), the fiddle duets, the songs, and the ensemble tunes were all world class. And there they were in our local Blessington theatre (playing for an unfortunately small, but very appreciattive crowd).

I had a quick word with Gerry Harrington afterwards to say thank you and praise the music, and as well as briefly discussing the way he ‘sees music’ as well as hears it, he also mentioned that a solo recording is on the way – something that he’s been wanting to do for many years and has finally been able to complete. With the wonderful Kerry dance traditions blended with everything he has picked up in Sligo from the likes of Peter Horan, on top of his very individual style fingering, this should be something very special.


One thought on “Gerry Harrington – solo recording on the way

  1. Thank you very much for your kind words Paul. Send me your address so I can get a copy to you.
    All the best

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