Peadar Ó Riada’s Aoibhinn Crónán by Cór Chúl Aodha on Gradam Ceoil TG4 2008

Peadar writes: “This was the first piece of music I intentionally composed. My father had died and I had taken over the choir but I was very young and stupid. I had to learn to play the organ etc and as a good percentage of the choir members were only slightly older then me, they were not about to take orders from such a young pup as I. So the younger kids and the older men stayed and came to rehearsals. I had a Saturday morning session every week for the boys. I had just taken over the beekeeping as well and was learning that trade at the same time. So I found this poem By Douglas de hIde – Irelands first President since Independence. The poem was about bees and it called to me – the music just seemed to come out of its own accord as I needed it.
the melodic tension builds slowly over a thick, dark bed of treated guitar and drums


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