What Irish music will Queen Elizabeth & President Obama be listening to?

Artists including Brendan Begley, Caoimhin O Raghallaigh and Emer Mayock if this reaches its ultimate listeners:

“IASCA and FMC in partnership with Culture Ireland are giving the gift of music from Ireland to dignitaries and the international press corps travelling with HRH The Queen and President Obama during their individual visits to Ireland this month.

The double CD entitled, Music From Ireland 2011 will be presented to over 1000 visitors and key national and international media who will be in Ireland for the visit of the UK and US heads of state. The main aim of the project is to promote Irish artists both at home (pr & streaming) and abroad (CD) and hope the artists involved benefit by being heard by the recipients, which include international press.

The artist selection process involved representative organisations Music Network, The Contemporary Music Centre, Improvised Music Company and First Music Contact, as well as Culture Ireland and The Arts Council, nominating artists they feel currently represent a snapshot of each genre.

The music is divided in to four chapters, each chapter representing two genres (and it can be listened to on the IASCA website here >>>):

Indie & Rock  – Lisa Hannigan, Ham Sandwich, We Cut Corners

Folk & Traditional  –  Mick Flannery, Ryan Sheridan, Fidil,

Classical & Contemporary  –  Irish Chamber Orchestra, Crash Ensemble

Jazz & World –  Metier, Justin Carroll, Niwel Tsumbu


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