Out-side in-fluences on ITM

Looking at contemporary musicians who have, to different degrees, brought outside influences to bear on Irish traditional music in recent years in different ways – from occasional collaboration to full-on immersion, from positions well outside the tradition to being within the tradition but bringing a hint of “something else” (Liz). My picture of it is very male and very instrument dominated at the moment, and clearly it’s restricted to musicians born outside Ireland.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 10.34.12


2 thoughts on “Out-side in-fluences on ITM

  1. Given the hype around The Gloaming, I think its fitting that outside influences get some/more recognition. However, it’s subjective/speculative to say that some of the people pictured will actually have much of an influence on ITM. Also, there are at least a few people pictured that I wouldn’t consider “outside” ITM, Liz Caroll and Tyler Duncan for example, by that logic all ITM musicians born outside Ireland could be considered “outside” ITM. Maybe I’m missing the point.

  2. I know what you mean, alias. It’s true that including these individuals suggests that the influence of each has significance, which is clearly not true, but I did emphasise that there are ranges reflected in the choices: from next to no influence so far (say, Schrey, and yes I am speculating there) to huge (Cooney), and from way outside (say, Cissokho) to “within” (Carroll and Duncan). The point of including some who have always been trad players is that I think some of them – because of being brought up elsewhere and being particularly broad in their musical tastes – have absorbed influences that many trad players growing up in Ireland don’t involve as readily or as deeply in their trad “sound”. Of course, there are plenty of exceptions, plenty of home-grown players who DO involve other genres in their playing but that opens up a totally different set, almost too large to contemplate. Even here the possibilities go on and on: Tim Edey, Michael McGoldrick, Alyth McCormack, Carlos Nunez, Nathan Pilatzke, Nic Gareiss, Aidan O’Rourke …

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