Gerry Godley on The Gloaming

On his breathtakingly global programme, Reel to Ragas on RTÉ Lyric FM, recently, I think it was the second time that Gerry played a track from the Gloaming album some weeks back, he said:

“Remarkable music … It’s a real landmark, I think, that record. And that kind of music doesn’t happen over night. It gestates for a long time. And it’s interesting to think about where THAT music sits within the continuum of Irish traditional music and all of the musicians that shaped THOSE five players in that particular band.”

On this week’s programme (2 April), Gerry played the song, ‘Daybreak’ (featuring the yoiking vocals of Sami singer Sara Marielle Gaup), from Iarla Ó Lionaird’s last solo album, Foxlight, and followed it with one from Brazilian Tiganá Santana who he explained

“is really kind of referencing the more Afro aspect of Brazilian music and also back to artists like Joao Gilberto and that beautiful blissed-out sound of early Bossa nova in the 1960s… I feel a kind of connection between the two artists… In the way that the Gloaming are finding something new within the old materials of Irish traditional music, I think this guy Tiganá Santana is finding something new within the old materials of Brazilian music. They are both groups that are doing something more kind of impressionistic, maybe ‘ironing out’ some of the ‘creases’, and creating more space around the music, and space is a wonderful quality in music.”


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